project in production, animated loop 12 minutes, release 2021

The sun shines fully and generously on a square brimming with people, enjoying her light and warmth to the fullest. The state of emergency has been declared. The sun slowly subsides… What happens when space and time seemingly shrink?

a square full of people enjoying the sun to the fullest.

Couples, loners on their way, in search of something, pigeons, a vendor, a cleaning man, a gardener with a big bum, a child with a bad day, two street artists, one with, the other without talent,...

The newspaper heads it's dangerous times.
But no one seems to bother.
That they don’t feel very comfortable however, becomes clear with a bang resounds and every one jumps up in shock.
The calm returns.

The sun lowers and people shift alongside the shadow lines.
The sunlit spots become smaller and people pack together. More and more people start to claim their spot more fiercely. Why?
The stripe of sun gets so small that people stick themselves to the facade

and when the sun slowly climbs the wall,

they rise on the tip of their toes,

and when their toes threaten to fall in the shadow,

they crawl upwards, 

along the window sills,

along the drain pipes,

along each other.

It is so packed with people on the facade,

that people fall down

or are pushed down.

The shadow is pitch-black, eats people.




Laura Vandewynckel

WALKING THE DOG (B) - Eric Goossens, Toon Roebben 

LAIDAK FILMS (F) - Ivan Zuber, Antoine Liétout
SERIOUS FILM (NL) - Marc Thelosen


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